During my Army  days , i was posted t
o CHUNGTAS post situated at d hight of 15000 thousands at Ladhak ( Jammu & Kashmir) as medical officer.
     It was d month of September but freezing cold  snow was every where, we used to melt frozen snow to drink water incling daily routine work like shit,shave & shampoo & live in a tent with “Bukhari”a burning stob on which was heating source.
            One morning we were informed Chinese movement at Indo-China border at Karakuram Pass, so we started our journey of 3days on horse back with all arms & ammunition for a height of 18000 thousands.
       I had crossed about 8 hours journey, when we received a  signal that only I had to comeback to our base post due to death of a soldier.
     I was ordered by Ladkah company commder to return back immediately along with a “NUNNOO”(a soldier sepoy), Nunnoo means younger brother in Ladhki.
        It was about 4PM when i was  coming with my horse back &  Nunnoo on foot. I wanted to reach before dawn, only I had gone about 2-3 kms then a heavy snowfall started so I galloped my horse, but after 20 mts a strong blizzard started so i slow down d speed of my horse ,as I could not see d small path due very less visibility, one side was high mountains & other side deep down a river. The good part is these mountain horses know their route very well & can walk in even dark night.
             All of a sudden my horse saddle got loose & I fell down along with saddle, before i could stand , horse ran away. I looked back but my sepoy was no where as he was on foot & visibility was just 1meter. Poor me i started walking , but now in front of me a frozen river. I did not know swimming.
          I was gone there 1st time so i had no idea from where to cross as due to fresh thick layer of snow horse or human foot marks were washed away. I prayed Almighty God & thought of crossing d frozen river. I was about to toucl my 1st rt foot on river, i could hear some one loud voice, i got my step back  & saw Nunno(sepoy) shouting” Sahibji rukoo” means stop sir as ahead of me was not a thick frozen layer of snow. He was running with d horse and came to me &said ”  Sahib aap doob jatey yeh galat rasta hai” means you would have drowned as this is a wrong place to cross.l thanked my God. Then we both started flowing d horse because no one knows d right place to cross d frozen river better than horse.
    We crossed the river & reached d camp.
      I examined d soldier but he died dua to a massive heart attack. Sad but to send him next day to base hospital by chopper.


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