A book in India’s prestigious Delhi University’s history curriculum call ” Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekher Azad, Surya Sen and others as ” Revolutionary Terrorists” in chapter 20 of the book titled “India’s Struggle For Independence”, written by historian ‘ Bipin Chandra & Mridula Mukherjee’.
     Question Is
1– Who is to be blamed for this controversial book at Delhi university, who wants to tarnish the image of Indian freedom fighters glory & how it was allowed to be in the curriculum of history department  of Delhi university.
2–Will d book not create a turmoil  in Delhi as well as whole India, causing protest march’s followed by Death at many States.
3– Vice Chancellor of Delhi university & Head of History department should be blamed & punished for this conspiracy to disturb peace & law in order of Delhi university & India.
4– why not an action strong enough had been taken against d writers , so in future they dare not to play with Indian Independence.
5– A high level inquiry should be set up by CBI to find out the a relationship between Vice Chancellor of Delhi university and J&K Muslim fundamentalists, Pakistan & UK to disturb the Indian unity & lower down the image of India in world.
6– Why PM Modi , Supreme court & Congress leaders are silent till now.
          Are we waiting a incident to happen again as. like by present of Dehli university Kanhya Kumar


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