Once upon a time India (Hindustan) was a Hindu nation spread over from Kabul to Burma now called Myanmar  & Indian culture was famous all over d world for their moral issues, tolerance, pardoning, nonviolence , keeping said promises & no doubt the braveness.
       The culture of India was recognized & appreciated by  even in 326 BCE  Alexander the great who left India after concurring d Indian king Porus “”Battle of Jhelum River” who replied when defeated & chained by Alexander “as one king treats with another king” when asked by Alexander ” How I should treat   treat you Porous” “.


          Became of our tolerance & Indian culture of keeping the promises, India who had world’s largest gold & jewels, she was raided & looted by many cunning  Mugal kings and at the end by Britishers,  example of that loot is our precious, rare biggest in world Kohinoor diamond in the crown of Queen Elizabeth Victoria. This is how India a “Sone ki chidiya (golden bird) “became a poor country.
All Muslim & English kings made us their slaves, raped our women & converted we Hindus into Islam or Christianity. That how India a Hindu nation became multi religion country.

           Because of  our simplicity we were deceived by cunning Mohammed Ali Jinnah after India’s  Independence and Mahatma Gandhi had no option but to divide India & Pakistan took birth.
           At the time of Independence India  was a very poor country.
           But I can say with pride that India is d biggest  Democratic country in world with biggest population & biggest Army, due to our hard work.
           We, Indians are no more stupid , innocent, emotional & simple people under the leadership of our PM  Modi. I can claim that India is no more a poor country .
    India has given best IT & CEO to many countries in word. Our women force is educated & employed all over india & world.


India’s Economy is growing with biggest speed in world & days are not far when we will beat China, a biggest giant in Asia.

Lot of foreign companys are shifting to India became of largest youth powar.


Inspire of being looted we treat our guest as God.

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