Great US President Barack Obama has said that he could not understand d aftermath of ousting of
Libyan dictator Muamammar Gaddfi during 2011 was the worst mistake of his Presidency.
Because after the former President of Libya was killed,Libya plunged into  chaos with formation of two rival Parliaments and Governments.
Well it was a great mistake by Obama’s misjudgment .
   This mistake created Islamic State , which latter carried out attracts on America & its supporters .     
           Obama said this in Atlantic magazine last month & he also blamed France & UK both.
    In my opinion what IS is today is because of air
strikes by Obama’s mistake.
        But thanks to Russian President Putin & France who did not agree to Obama & remained bombing air strikes .The result is that IS is in great  mess.
    I request all nations to not let them rebuilt & finish them for ever.


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