Who says past should be forgotten, to me my past memories are my strength. Yes, past should be kept in mind to build your strong future. One who tries to reach the highest peak, can only reach there if he/she remembers his/her  past memories of failures & determinations.
            But,  if memories are beautiful & pleasurable they does not go out of your  mind &heart , it gives you happiness and sooth & relex ur mind to remove your days tiredness. For example ur never ending love for some one, ur growing children ur passion for work, ur liking for an old song, ur unforgettable line of a best look  & so on. Such past memories are mirror of ur mind & heart, they are never ending.
            Such memories are your strength to work harder & harder to reach your goal.
              Other past memories which are painful for u , and u do’nt want to remember them should be given a about turn from ur mind & heart as to go to d dustbin.
            Well, it is hard to do, and if you r that sensitive & sentimental then again give them a about turn & make them as ur past failures to  learn a lession for ur better today.
        Some individual’s who has sound mind &positive attitude  make them their their strength to fight for future .
        Well; It’s how you take ur good or bad memories in ur mind & heart.



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