Faith is a believe, and believe is a God.
You will be surprised to know that you can be anybody’s God, if that somebody have faith in God.  I’m a Consultant  Physician & i come across every day my patients saying me ” doctor is a  god, please save me this time only, I will stop smoking or I will stop drinking alcohol from today onwards.” But once they are cure, i know they will never stop drinking & smoking, but their faith in me cures them.
           You will understand The ‘Faith’ better with this story .
   A group of 15 indian soldiers led by a Major were ordered to relieve, another group of  waiting wounded soldiers by terrorists in Jammu Kashmir snow bound post of Himalayas.
    It was a very cold night & snowfall started but they remained marching in a hilly route , as they were yet to cover another 5 km before 3hrs.
Every body was tired & wanted if some one could offer them a hot cup of tea.
After marching for some distance a soldier saw a dilapidated structure which looked like a tea shop but it was locked, the officer said no luck boys, no cup of hot he ordered to stop a while at tea shop to rest.
   But still long way to go, a soldier gave a idea to Major ” sir if we break d lock we will get every thing needed to make tea.
Everybody starred at him & knew that  officer will give him punishment for a theft but officer was also very tired & need a cup of tea very badly, so he said ” OK break the lock”.
   Sure enough there was everything needed for making tea. So all of them had tea & Biscuits .Oh: what a relief, time was short so they were about to close d gate of tea shop when Major said ” Stop & he took out 1000 rupee note from his pocket & kept it under sugar container so the owner could see it.
    Then they remained fighting with Pakistani terrorist till they cleared the whole area..They remained there for one month before another troops replaced them.
   Now  all soldiers with same Major were returning to their parent unit. They saw same tea shop in route and it was open . A Muslim  old man as owner was also  sitting there. So they stopped and the officer ordered a cup of tea for everyone they were very happy as no one was killed or injured in operation.
   While they were having tea Major ask old man about his family and the old man had lot of stories, that God is great & his faith in God.
Major said if God is there then why he is keeping you in such poverty.
     He got annoyed and told ” Sahib(sir) I can proof that God is there. He said his son was wounded by Pakistani terrorist,one month ago, he kept lying & no one  came to help him due to fear of annoying the  terrorist.
   He look his son to hospital . Thanks to God he was alive but the surgeon gave me a list of medicines which I couldn’t purchased as I had no money and then I preyed to God to help me. I came to this tea shop to sell all my items in it. But “Sahib believe me that night God came to my shop , eat Biscuits , had 15 cups of tea & kept Rs 1000/- note under this sugar pot.”
God is there & my son is now absolutely fit.I have great Faith in Him.
  Soldiers were about to speak then Major indicated them to keep quite. He paid the bill and hugged the old man with moisture in his eyes and said” Yes Baba, He is there who has faith in Him and yes tea was very good.
On the way Major told  to soldiers that if he had totd old man that he kept that 1000 rupee note, his such a strong  faith in God would have not believed me.
     Yes: The faith is U, Can be God to anyone.
        ( This is a true story narrated by a soldier in Kupwara Sector of J&K.)



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