Yes: eyes can tell u what is there in other person mind.Eyes can change it’s size & shape, it’s how u interpret them.
        Eye’s can smile & smile and be a villain. Eyes can be any thing they want but the opposite eye has to read it.
  There are few ways & means to read eyes. See it yourself to realise it.

A cockeyed eyes with wide eyelids means an angry eyes & the beholder is holding his or her anger.

When the eyes in front of you looks floating & singing ewith almond eye lids and a smiling face means they like you and waiting for you to be approached.

When eye in front of you is looks to be smiling with biting  angle of upper or lower lip mean she/he is in love and like you follow.
   When a eye is looking innocent type it means he or she respect you.

An open wide & protruding eyes in front of you means the person reached to all limits of anger and called angry eyes, it indicates that person is going to attack you & even kill you.

When an eye apposite to u is half closed with a person also nodding vertically it means that he/she is feeling pity  on you and that eyeis called pitiful eyes.


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