Accordingly to the Bible God created universe in six days.
            Well:– when God is in good & entertaining mood,  He creates a love story & watches the d stupid acts, being done  by loving partners. When they promise to love each other for hundred year, He laughs and laughs and says OK dear , no one knoows what can happen in next moment except Me and u are planning hundreds year.Well that’s the time He gets bored up & ask them to tie a knot, gets them married and let the love story to die of own death. After all He is God, He is great and He is Supreme He has all rights to get bored.
       When God is in bad mood , He creates another love story , and when they are in deep love with each other, He parts them, but they are still in love,  so He makes them suicide or ask them to jump from a  hill top and that is time , when He is in repent mood, so He creates  Lalla Majnnu, Juliet  Romeo and Sherri Fariyad and make them Symbol Of Love. Great is’nt He.
      One day God was in very sad & depressed mood, He fired every one from His office & thought that He should create some immortal humans.
     So He created Jesus Christ, Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi &  made them Immortal.
  Your comments please.



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