China, America & Saudi Arabia gives Pakistan a rogue country lots of financial support either free or at a subsidised rates. Why ? To weaken India. But how & what  Pakistan gives in return.
       Pakistan a rogue county, first holes up Osama Bin Laden, gave a safe heaven to him inside Pakistan , under heavy security of Army & ISI &  got attacks on America, Afghanistan & other countries by giving him full support financially with VVIP treatment to Bin Laden. But when he became old, sick & lost support from other powerful terrorists organizations Pakistan informed USA about Osama Bin Laden’s hide out and got him killed.
         For getting killed Bin Laden Pakistan has been  getting rewards year after years as a great friend of America, China & Saudi Arabia. Great isn’t is.
         On other side America’s strong enemy China Pakistan giving useless land & passages for Chinese troops,  adjacent to India so India get threatened by China & Pakistan both. This strategy of Pak is making India worried & financially weak so see d game Pakistan there too is rewarded by China a (piece of bread) fat military aids.   
       For this year  2016 US President Obama suggested 8 more subsidised F16 fighter aircraft’s
and hundreds of million dollars addition aid under the oberseas coninpendery operations fund for Pakistan.
    $ 800 million aid produced including 265 million dollars of military hardware finance provision, which is actually non payment grants
   Along with this fat aid, $ 700 million deal centered onF16s separate on account of improved relations with India & Peace to Afghanistan.
    Time is not far when aid giving  countries will understand the game of Pakistan & that will be  the end of Pakistan”A Sandwich”.


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