——   FEEDOM OF SPEECH IN INDIA:—–??????

India is a strange country where if you praise following as under you became hero & leader over night———
1- Praise Mahatma Gandhi’s killer Nathu Ram Godse, tell the public he was a freedom fighter who stopped Mahatma Gandhi for further division of India between Hindu & Muslim basis.
2- Praise Indira Gandhi killer bodyguards, Satwant Singh & Brant Singh. Call them a he Great immortal who secrifyed  their life on the name of sikh religion.
3- Praise Rajeev Gandhi ex PM, killer Tamil Tiger Dhanu a human bomber who sacrificed her life for killing  Tamil Tigers. Call her immortal &Sri Lankan freedom figher.
      Also praise Nalini Srihanan & other 3 tamils who are life imprisoned for Rajjev Gandhi murder. Ask for their release from jail on the name of humanity through a open debate.
4- Praise Dawood Ibrahim for killing
innocent people of Mumbai by bomb blast. Ask a open debate for his killings.
5- Praise Afzal Guru, who was hanged for plotting a plan on Parliament attack.
           Have a debate on his hanging & shout slogans that he was a freedom fighter and immortal to lay his life for Kashmir . See you will be a national leader overnight like JNU president & student leader Kanahiya All. Once you are famous , national part’s  CPM,  Congress& others  will praise you as Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi did.Tomorrow Kanahiya Lal will be offered a seat in next election.
6- Praise Makbool Bhatt, a Kashmir Hindu converted to Muslim killed Police inspector Amar Chand with the help of J&K Liberation Front and then he was the main culprit who hijacked Indian Air Lines aircraft to Pakistan (Lahore) & the to Afghanistan in 1971. He stayed in Pakistan. He was caught by Indiana Army in1976 & given punishment to be hanged till death by judge Neel Kanth Janju, who was latter killed by J&K Liberation Fron for his hanging.
    His friend kidnapped Raviendra Mahate , a ambassador to London at Pune and asked PM Indira Gandhi  to release Makbool Bhatt, but  P M Indira Gandhi refused to do so.Makbool asked Mercy  but was rejected, then they killed the ambassador Ravindra Mahate on his daughter’s birthday .On 11 Feb 1984 he was hanged.
    So that was Makbool Bhatt, which was declared freedom fighter & immortal at JNU Delhi by Kanahiya Lal CPM leader with shouting  slogans of long live Makbool Bhatt. Kanahiya lal  was   accompanied by Kashmir’s militant & fundamentalists.And
      “KANHIYA LAL BECAME A GREAT NATIONAL LEADER,” even Rahul Gandhi, grand son of PM Indira Gandhi came personally to him for congress support.
           Is this freedom of speech or joke in India, then I don’t know where it will lead to this country.


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