In India 13 people were killed ( 7 indian security personal & 6 Pakistani militants) on 2 JANUARY 2016 by terrorist attack  at Pathankot Air base .
         All evidences including a set of proof with mob no’s were given to Pak government for action against Jaish Mohammed (JeM).
         Now, India has agreed to receive a Pakistani team (SIT) to probe & visit Pathankot Air base attack sight within 5 days of notice. SIT is also planning to question Gurudaspur SP Salvender Singh, who was abducted & latter released by militants.
           Though Pakistan has confirmed registering FIR against Jaish Mohammed chief Masood Azhar & is in custody. Indian government knowing  fully that Pakistan is a liar & lying is in there in  their roots & gens. Fact is that that Masood Azhar is in safe custody of Pak Army & ISI as there VVIP &  he is free to move anywhere any time & free to Comment against India.
       My point is,  that Pakistan has, ever allowed any Indian security agency or team to  question world most wanted Dawood Abrahim, No, because Pakistan is not a fool like us.
    This Pakistani SIT will visit our high security Air force base & will find out security lapses & boo boo and then inform JeM chief , so he can better prepare his militants to attract again on Indian Air force .
        Can you as Indian will ever believe, that Pakistan will ever agee their evolvement in ‘Pathankot or any other militant attract to India.In fact they will blame SP Salvinder Singh and Indian Mujahedeen with pak mob no’s in their final report & it wil be placed to Pakistan PM .
       So Mr Prime Minister Modi you better understand the game of Pakistan & don’t allow Pak SIT to visit Pathankot.


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