A religious Muslim tradition is practiced on male & female(Bohra community) child all over the world is called “Khatna” . For male child it is a celebration, while for a female child it goes unnoticed. Male circumcision is a identity of being a Muslim & it is a must.
     In Hindus also a male child undergoes piercing of ears, shaving the head & putting a holy thread on neck down below, is a religious ceremony called” Janau”, whereas for a female child piercing of nose & ears goes unnoticed except in Shrest community in Nepal.
    A Muslim male child at the age of less than 1 month and a Bohra female child as old as 4 years goes under a heated knife or blade by religious person in male and by untrained midwife.
    The Reasons For Genital Mutilation are as under:-
           1- Male child– To increase & enhance sexual desire. This Khatna or circumcision to me looks absolutely  scientific, if the foreskin or prepuce of glans penis is removed , it rubs against cloths & become less sensitive to touch.
           2—Female Bohra child;-   To curb sexual desire, by amputating the prepuce on the opening of vagina or clitoris. This process is also called Khatna . Scientifically it is FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION ( FGM).
       Focus of the world  now is on
           FGM  is generally associated to country’s like Egypt, Sudan, Somalia and Mali but in Pakistan and India specilly Bombay & Gujrat Bohra community are practicing this FGM. It used to be well kept secret and never to be discussed.
Victims at the bands of Bohra tradition have choosen to speak out and create awareness.
       Massoma Ranalvi a Delhi based publisher, who has put her name online on a petition against FGM along with 17 other women & decided to come in open to save other girls being cut. I salute these fearles women’s.


She is Aarefia Johar, a journalist who has filed a petition against FGM.


She is the brave lady MASOOMA  RANALVI Aged 49 yrs a publishing professional  of Delhi who raised first voice against FGM. She is joined with another 17 women and another 45000 women has a signature campaign .
  According to Hindustan Times Delhi on 21 Feb 2016 these figures are authentic.
FGM is a secret act ofBohra community , and not to discussed with by the order of high priest oherwise one has to pay a very heavy fine.
  United Nations has declared the FGM a human right violation, but in India there is no ban on it.
       FGM is a female child abuse and leaves Women Physically. PSAC Psyclogically and sexually  Dameged.
Think of a girl’s plight at the age of 5 yrs who on promise of getting a ice cream or a chocolate is taken in a dingy room by her mother or aunt or grandfather  in a city old building, she is pinned down on a floor, she sees a knife being heated on gas, underwear taken off and imagine a hot knife slicing her most sensitive part Clitoris and poor girl child shrieking in pain, what for, only for a stupid Bohra tradition of FGM just to curb her sexual desire.


    I think is inhuman and I request all who think so should raise their voice.
   Well friends i will every thing to be decided on you.
  Please send your valuable Comments.


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