As it is inherited by everyone but it can be a extended & expended if one initiates to give happiness to unprivileged & underprivileged kids by any means or manner. By doing so remember you are doing it for a  noble cause.
       The philosophy of happiness is to part & give happiness to needy & it can only be felt in ur heart, but what matters is, how to make underprivileged kid life happier.
     As a consultant physicians I know how happy & relieved my poor patients are when I cure them with my welcoming smile along with no doubt medicines & when they walk back cured with a big smile .  Believe me that is the time my heart & soul    feels a unseen immense pleasure & happines.


I will like to share  with u a example.
       During last Dec2015 i was in Mumbai attending a conference. When I was walking back to hotel there was a slum area I had to cross, there i saw few big boys playing football but few under privileged children just watching football & kicking stones with their bare feet & getting amused. I felt pitty for d poor kids, so I went to a store nearb, purchased a coloured plastic football & few balloon’s & gave these to them.That was the time when i could feel , i could see, the happiness on their face’s.


      Remember happiness can not be purchased.
                 If your smile makes anybody happy, please distribute it, and I can asure you, your life will part with a smile of happiness.


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