It has been a common trend to commit a crime in one  country & run away to another country and ask amnesty under human rights abuses by United Nation.
        My point of discussion is:
1– Why we can’t decide the definition of terrorism in one line &  why there is double standard, bad terrorism and good terrorisms. In my view there is no good terrorism, so there should not(NOT) be any amnesty to any bad or good terrorist on the basis of human rights abuse/ violation.
2– The definition of Fundamentalism should also be changed because most of the fundamentalist’s group teach violence by poisoning the minds of innocent, uneducated & unemployed youths which leads to terrorism. Take any religious fundamentalist group whether, it is ISIS, Pakistan’s Islamic fundamentalists gp, Jummu & Kashmir,  Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria or Hindu fundamentalist of India, Nepal or Christian fundamentalist of UK & USA, all leads to violence of some kind or another. So a Fundamentalist should not be also considered for Amnesty.
             Last week only, talks between United Nations chief Mr Zeid and Syrian warring groups failed in Geneva &  d gp preferred to continue to struggle to get off ground.so Mr Zeid said as under.
     “On grounds of principle no Amnesty should be possible for people suspected of committing war crimes  or crimes against humanity, under human rights abuses/ violation of international humanitarian law”.
   Yes, but talks  must go on with all religious & warring gps because discussition is d only solution to curb violence & it takes time to achieve the goal.
3– WAR CRIMINAL- All war criminals are not terrorist, only the chief & his commander’s are war criminals and rest are misguided innocent, unemployed youths whose minds are poisoned by few fanatic lunatic chief & his commander’s regarding misinformations & misinterpretations of religion. Such youths should be considered for  amnesty.
              In my opinion people who deserve amnesty under humanitarian grounds should be as under:
    1- A freedom fighter
                  Like India’s great leader Subash Cand
         Bose.       &
           Tsai-Wen – newly elected 1st female President of Taiwan.
    2- Writer’s And Painter’s
                 A courageous truthful person who Dare’s to write or paints against I’ll effects of  religion.

           Like Salman Rushdie
                  The Great Jesus Christ
                    Taslima Nasrin of Bagla Desh
                    Painter Husain of India.


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