India is main market for cloths, leather & raw material. Indis’s share in world is 2% while China has 3.7% the biggest in export in world, to increase its share China has devalued Yuan by 3.5% few months ago, which means dollar can buy China’s more products in same amount. Few days ago again china ‘s exrorts were down  & there was a  turmoile in world market which became volatile with in no minutes.
                  PM  Modi target to increase India’s exports shareg from  2% to 3.5% before the end of 2020. Last year Indian exorts was 312 billion dollars, which F M Arun Jaitly wants 340 billion dollars by the end of 2016. But PM Modi’s target is 900,billion dollars in 2019-2020 which looks very difficult task but not impossible. For that Modi is meeting Asian and African partners (Brick/ BRICS)  to increase his foreign exports with old &new products under “Make In India” theme & he is very enthusiastic about it.
       Indian government set’s up Rs 40000 crore for National Investment & Infra structure Fund (NIIF), whose CEO will be finalised this month 2016 only , this fund will be proposed by FM Arun Jaitly in budget. Government will invest 20000 crore in NIIF from the budget & another 20000 crore is expected to come from private investors & it will be registered with SEBI. Counties like UAE, Britain, Russia and others are very keen to invest in NIIF under Make in India program.
                Asia Infrastructure investment Bank at China(AIIB) in which India is second largest share holder after China was inaugurated by President of China  on 17 January 2016.India is one of the directors of AIIB. When this bank started there were only 19 country’s but today there are 57 country’s as its member. Its in fact a rival intitution to IMF, WORLD BANK & ADB(Asian devlopment bank). Across the continent AIIB will disburse  1.2 billion dollars in2016 & India is expecting to get about 600 million dollars for its infrastructure projects, for which India has alredy submitted a list  of its projects to AIIB to fund across sectors like Power, Drinking water & Roads.
     China’s growth concern spooking world financial market, our finance minister Arun Jaitly  said our domestric institutions needed to be strong & resilient to withstand global head-minds. Of late due to  low commodity prices our currencis have vertually collapsed. Devaluation of China’s Yuan will make indian & other countries expot expensive & widen trade deficit witn China. Russia, Brazil devalued a lot & china have second round of prolems in export we are in the world of volatility. However rupee has improved as compared with other currencies in the world.
              There was a conference in a foram of e.commerce companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal e.t.c in India “START UPP INDIA” which was inaurgated by P M Mody on 17 jan 2016. Its  under FDI which our ED has to make sure that these company’s don’t make a  loot of our money & run away with judge profits. Our Government should insist that these e.commerce company’s should invest in India by opening their manufacturing plants, so Indian youth power could be employed & money is not being pumped outside India.


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