Its not far when India will be best performer amongst emerging market economices when India will reach 7.7% growth in 2016. I can see China has produced a turmoil in the world market by showing drastic cut in his exports &   its after effects are all over Asia some western malet but will out shine China for second consecutive year with its growth in 2016.
   PWC report sayes “Brazilian &Russian economies will contract and China will slow down and India will be “Starin fincial year Dragon to slow down.
        The devaluation of Chinese Yuan will make Indian exports expensive and widen trade deficit
with China but the fact is that both countries exports are not in good stat since las quarterly of last year. Indias main export to china is raw material  &  China in return  ships back finished goods. At present India’s trade deficit with china is 45 billion dollers.India’s export to China  fell over 18% and so was China about 12%, at d end of 2015. There is a lot imbalance in bilateral trade which is a great cause of straining relations between two countries.
But as I said earlier that India will outshine China in 2016-17, for the reasons that India is a sacular Democratic country with enormous skilled youth labour power. Once PM Modi “MAKE IN INDIA” programmes start up out youth skilled & educated youth power will be utilised in various government schemes,factories, industries,IT sectors and other devlopments ofIndia in comming two years.
       A step forward is Reliance defence unit “Naval Ship Building Facility atRambillia” Visakapatanam of Anil Ambani with Ambani’s investment ofRs
5000 crore, a memorandum has been signed for the same with Andhra government.Bharat Forge of Pune has also announced a envestment of Rs  1200 crore for setting up a integrated Automotive component factory atNellore. This will bring further envestment of Rs 10000 crores for creation of multi-tier defence ancillaries.
       These green field projects will also help PM Modi “MAKE IN INDIA” theme & generate many  thousands jobs to indian youth power .


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