It is eye opening to watch cruelty against animals in open on outskirts of Bangkok d capital of Thailand. Here regular Safari are organized for foreigners & other local people of Thailand. During Safari you can see a trained male Chimpanzee dessed indifferent dresses with a violin in hands & other dressed  male chimpanzees beating the drums while females chimpanzees dressed in skirts dancing around with orchestra.
          Unlawfully about 150 trained tigers are kept in Thailand “TIGER TAPPLE” in KANCHANA-BUDI OF BANGKOK for various shows like fighting with man & other entertainments from film industry who pays for tiger – man fight & verious activities for their shows in film’s & serial’s. All animals are least fed so they can obey during work by their masters.
      This  has been going on since many years but lately there is a very cruel show of chimpanzees & that is” Boxing Ring” where two chimpanzees dressed as man with boxing gloves punch each other with a human refree till they bleed profusely but they have to fight till one of them wins.About 1000 foreigners go there every day to watch this cruelty to chimpanzees.
         Although animal cruelty is ban by law in Thailand since 1914, but where Thialand police tried to stop it , Buddhist monks stopped police to enter there.
Well: now request all country’so heads to look into this matter so this cruelty against animals may please be stopped.


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