Pfizer (UK) produced a drug called. ” VAGRA” long ago for Erectil  Dysfunctional (ED) a disease where a man is unable to do sexual intercourse due to under lined disease. It was produced for Patients of Diabetes, Hypertension & other diseases which case importance in old people.
         Later on doctors started using d drug Viagra in women who complained of not enjoying sex because it rushes blood to sexual organs & a person feel sex urge & extra pleasure.
        However  it is clearly mentioned on d medicine literature that people who are suffering from coronary artery disease (CAD) should not use it ad it can heart attack or even death , but many people with CAD used it because of ignorances & died all over d world.
        The  worst part is it sold every where with out prescript ion so it’s misuse started & young youth generation started to use it for extra pleasure during sex & many died due to over dose due to some under Lind disease or over exertertion.
      Now again Pfizer has produced  this drug in liquid form & planning to mix it with soft .so they are trying to collaborate with Pepsi cola to produce a  energy drink called ” MOUNT & DO”.
                 Well you can imagine ! What will happen it will be available  at all grocery stores & shops and what will happen when our children & young adults even old  start drinking this “HIGH BALL” &  high fashioned PepsiCola mixed with Sildenafil Citrate “VIAGRA” liquid mixed with Pepsi.
          I request all countries governments to stop being marked this
                            ” K I L L E R– P EPSICOLA”


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