In 1947 Indian Independence act was passed it meant that d British India will be divided into two independent states “Union Of India ” and  ‘Domination Of  Pakistan. According to d act Indian Independence all states will lapsed to either India or Pakistan.
    Aftet indepedence of India on 15 Aug 2947 as pet d act all individual States was asked to merge with India but rular of J & K Raja Hari Singh refused to oblise India Government.
     In the mean while Pakistan army with local Kashmiri anti indian people attacted Kashmir and resched out skirts of Srinagar by defeating Raja Hari Singh’s army.Well that was time Indian army deploid & over night war equation changed.Indian army defeat Pakistan army and recaptured 2/3 of territory lostby india.It was the matter of just 2 days fight left for indian army to librate whole of Kashmir. That is time India reportd to UNO to settle the issue but U N Security council passed a Resolution ’47’ in 1948 and establised United Nation Commision for (UNCIP) for India & Pakistan.
  That was the great mistake of P M Nehru rather a blander to report to UNO before recapturing whole of Kashmir, against the advice of his defence minister Sadar Patel (Iron man of india) . The other side of Kashmir was named Pakistan Occupied Kasmir  ( POK ) adisputed area between India & Pakistan.
Due this blander mistake of PP Nahru there 2 wars 0ne in 1971, when Pakistan was defeted so badly that they had retreat & lose 30 km oof there territory, & 2nd Kargil war there too they lost yery bitterly. Both d indo pak wars were took place during Army rule in Pakistan.
After india’s independence indian side of J&K progressed & developed a lot & became rich self sufficient state.
Kashmir became a hub of indian & foreigners tourist place . Main source of income of state came tourism, dry fruits, various types of fresh fruits & wool industry. World’s finest quality ‘ Pasmina wool Shal’ is made in Kashmis.
One of most picturesque view of mountains, rivers gargens & snow you can watch though out the year. Hindu’s famous highest shrine of Lord Shiva “AMARNATH DHAM” & “VAISHNU DEDI TEMPLE” is situated in d mountains of J&K only, more than billion people visit here every year.

Muslim & Hindu both were liveing here in harmony & were participatng in each others functions as well as death which continued till few years ago.
Pakistan could not fight to India because they lost east pakistan during 1971 war & now is known as Bagla Desh because of atrocitys of Pakistan on bagali muslins & hindus.
during 1994 Pakistani ISI & its agents were inducted to kashmir to poison the minds kashmiri innocent muslins to librate Kasmir from India as independent country and d result was a move of killing & burning of hindu Pandits . so the Padits & other hindus stated moving to Jammu & other placles of india due to fear as they were in minority.Now rhere is no hindus in kashmir .
Then again Pakistan inducted ISI & Army along with local fundamentalidsts to destabilise the government of J&K to achieve their goal due to revenge against India.
Now there is every day killing occurs with militents of Pakistan with india army or j&k police.
Poor muslim innocent kashmiri is suffering as thete is no income from tourirism or any other source. People & particularly young & adult has no job except joining pak agents or joining hands with Muslim fundamentals.
Every they there misleaded youth even small chilren aquipped with Pakistani arms & ammunition are either fight with Indian army at Kashmir or sent with Pakistani terrorist to indian city for killing innocent indians. Terrorism is
thete main motto & souce of income. Pakistan government & militents groops are funding Kashmiri fundamentists & other militants crors and crors of money to destabilize India.



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