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          Why Muslims are killing each other.
            First Sunnis were being killed by Shia Islamic leaders & their Army people, then Sunnis Muslims took d revenge and gave birth to IS, who selected innocent shia, Christian & other religion people & actually booting & killing them. The result is known to every one.
               This Will happen agao & again & never siop. One day Muslim’s , think again & again , who will survive after 5 years, and Islam will be in danger only by fighting among themselves.
         That is why I request Almighty God to give birth to another Muslim  d great Mohammed to save. Islam who teat Sunni and Shia equally
Please think to stop fighting..


             During my Army  days , i was posted t
o CHUNGTAS post situated at d hight of 15000 thousands at Ladhak ( Jammu & Kashmir) as medical officer.
     It was d month of September but freezing cold  snow was every where, we used to melt frozen snow to drink water incling daily routine work like shit,shave & shampoo & live in a tent with “Bukhari”a burning stob on which was heating source.
            One morning we were informed Chinese movement at Indo-China border at Karakuram Pass, so we started our journey of 3days on horse back with all arms & ammunition for a height of 18000 thousands.
       I had crossed about 8 hours journey, when we received a  signal that only I had to comeback to our base post due to death of a soldier.
     I was ordered by Ladkah company commder to return back immediately along with a “NUNNOO”(a soldier sepoy), Nunnoo means younger brother in Ladhki.
        It was about 4PM when i was  coming with my horse back &  Nunnoo on foot. I wanted to reach before dawn, only I had gone about 2-3 kms then a heavy snowfall started so I galloped my horse, but after 20 mts a strong blizzard started so i slow down d speed of my horse ,as I could not see d small path due very less visibility, one side was high mountains & other side deep down a river. The good part is these mountain horses know their route very well & can walk in even dark night.
             All of a sudden my horse saddle got loose & I fell down along with saddle, before i could stand , horse ran away. I looked back but my sepoy was no where as he was on foot & visibility was just 1meter. Poor me i started walking , but now in front of me a frozen river. I did not know swimming.
          I was gone there 1st time so i had no idea from where to cross as due to fresh thick layer of snow horse or human foot marks were washed away. I prayed Almighty God & thought of crossing d frozen river. I was about to toucl my 1st rt foot on river, i could hear some one loud voice, i got my step back  & saw Nunno(sepoy) shouting” Sahibji rukoo” means stop sir as ahead of me was not a thick frozen layer of snow. He was running with d horse and came to me &said ”  Sahib aap doob jatey yeh galat rasta hai” means you would have drowned as this is a wrong place to cross.l thanked my God. Then we both started flowing d horse because no one knows d right place to cross d frozen river better than horse.
    We crossed the river & reached d camp.
      I examined d soldier but he died dua to a massive heart attack. Sad but to send him next day to base hospital by chopper.



         As small small particles of iron when heated together they unite together and becomes a big hammer which is strong enough to destroy & break a big boulder in pieces pieces.
              Even a small ant is capable to kill a big elephant when enters into his trunk.
             Similarly when poor & weak persons united together they became so  strongest to topple any Government/State or kingdom.
           So please don’t neglect, dishonor or abuse a person, thinking that he/she can’t harm you being small, poor or weak.
            Replaced atrocities, punishments by a corrupt governance by the head of a nation / kingdom has led to all revolutions of the world.
        Example are Adolf Hitler of Germany, USSR, Indian Independence by British.


            Hitler of Germany atrocities are famous.

      Whole post is to tell the big & small countries head,s to look into the problems of their countryman instead of bullying them.
      So countries like USA, Russia, Britain and China, please stop bullying small countries, because when small countries unite together they will finish them.